Advertium Update!

Dear Advertium Community, dear Investors.

Thank you all for your great support and enthusiasm provided, as we aim to launch the project with a success.

👉 We have managed to sort the top tier international exchanges for you and our community!

Because of the current market situation and after consultations with experts, we decided to postpone the ADV token deployment and the exchange listing in near future.

The initial exchange offering and exchange listing are re-scheduled for mid August 2022, as we want to protect our investors and the project itself.

In the meantime, we will be focused on the product development, and working intensively to release the BETA version of the Advertium app until the market recovering starts.

✅Here’s a recap from the last few busy months we had:

👉 VC’s & investors onboarding
👉 #Advertium app prototype ready!
👉Application development started
👉New Advertium Website is live
👉 IEO & Listing preparation
👉Community building and awareness campaign.

On behalf of the Advertium team, thank you all for your confidence and trust in us.

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